There will be a day of Thanksgiving

Sunday 2 February 2014

from 9am to 10am

at The Cummins Theatre Merredin.




After a very dry June and much of July last year, many crops in the wheat belt were dying and communities in our country areas were despondent, worried and anxious, facing another poor season and financial ruin.

A group of intercessors from Merredin sent out a call for a day of prayer for rain and for their communities to be held on 19th July 2013.  Groups of Christians throughout the state, including many prayer groups in Perth, met at 10.00am that day to pray.

The following week on 23rd July 2013, a strong rain bearing depression brought good rains across the grain growing areas.  The rains continued regularly through August, September and well into October.

The front page of the West Australian on December 20th 2013 under the title of HARVEST JOY, wrote,

“WA farmers have fought back from the brink of disaster to deliver the State’s biggest grain harvest and a  $5 billion-plus boost  for the WA economy five days from Christmas.

The record of 15.06 million tonnes delivered to Co-operative Bulk Handling by yesterday, highlights a massive turnaround in what has been WA farming’s most remarkable season.  The size and the speed of the great grain harvest has shocked industry veterans who feared the worst when virtually no rain fell in the Wheat belt  in June and July.  The crop has broken scores of records and put hundreds of farmers back on their financial feet after a run of poor seasons.”  A centre page in the ‘West’, continues under the heading of “Wet, warm spring was key to salvation.”  This article gave all the statistics of the harvest, noting all the record breaking data.

As the children and family of God, we know who sent the wet, warm spring in answer to our heart-felt prayers in July.  What a gracious, faithful, kind and merciful heavenly Father, who sent all the conditions required for that bumper harvest.

I feel very strongly that we should set aside a day to give thanks to our God for His goodness and kindness in hearing and answering our prayers.  Remember when Jesus healed the ten lepers, only one returned to thank Him – and He enquired regarding the nine that didn’t return. Luke 17:17-18.

I am aware that in some towns there are churches who still hold “Harvest Thanksgiving” services, and I praise God that they do.  But I believe that all of us who prayed so desperately back in July for rain, need to gather once more to thank and praise our God for His faithfulness.

Having spoken about this with some of our country intercessors, we have decided to set aside, Sunday 2nd of February as a day of Thanksgiving for the Bountiful Harvest.   As churches meet across our state on that day, let us set aside a time of thanksgiving and gratitude to our wonderful God for His provision.  Let us also take this opportunity to pray for a mighty harvest of souls in our cities, towns and regions.

Remember the Scripture that says, “First the natural and then the spiritual”. 1 Cor.15:46

As well as offering the Lord thanks publicly, please also spend time with the Lord (if possible with other intercessors) on this day of Thanksgiving,  giving Him thanks and praise for what He has done, and wait on Him to show you how to pray for the Harvest of souls in our state.

The Scripture used in preparation for the day of prayer for rain in July was from 1 Chron.7:13-15.

The Lord always chooses to work through HIS people,  that is why we are called to prayer.

In 1 Tim.2:1-6, the apostle Paul emphasises to Timothy the importance of our prayers, supplications, intercession and thanksgiving for all men (people) because His desire is for all men to be saved.

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