Letter from Sandie 2 (Leprosy Mission Trip)


I have really been missing not having access to the internet. When we got to Kolcutta the hotel didnt have internet I could use, and there were no internet shops, just all the little street stalls. Then in Bankura and Purilia we were out in the rural areas and at Bankura we couldnt get a connection using the managers computer, and Purilia – no chance.


Anyhow, now I am at the Singapore airport. Yesterday we had 6 hours on a train from Purilia to Kolcutta, and Last night the 5 1/2 hour flight here to singapore, getting in at 6.30 am, and our next flight is 9.30 this morning back to Aussie, yippee. It has been an incredible experience but very draining emotionally and physically.


We went to the Bankura Training Centre where the students are we are raising the money for, to give them a trade to they can make a go of their lives They are aged 16-27, and were such beautiful kids. On the last night they put on an awesome celebration for us, and I got back to our hotel and just cried and cried. I would love to stay there and help out, and I just felt so confused.


We went to the Mercy Home in Bankura to visit the oldies. That was very sad as so many of them are there because there family has disowned them because they had leprosy. I sat down on a bed with one oldie who was so happy that when I put my arm around her she nestled her head up against me. I kept crying because I felt so much for them. In Purilia we went to the Mercy home there where all the families do not visit the oldies. One lady had a brother she has not seen for 32 years.


Today, just to end on an emotional note we went to Mother Theresas home and when I looked through the gate that closes the room to the public, and saw the bed she died in, looked at the crown of thorns on the wall, I was overwhelmed and when I stood at her tomb I couldnt help but cry. Then we visited the orphanage and all the disabled children, mainly born with celebral palsy from home births that go wrong, then we went to the orphanage where all the other young children were playing and they clung to us all for cuddles.


I am glad I have a week off work as it will take time to process all I have been through. When I think of this trip the words that come to mind for the people I have met affected in some way by Leprosy are humbled, honored and privelaged. Not only by the patients, but the love and compasssion of all those working with them


I will be back later today, cant wait.

Bye for now,

Love Sandie

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