Who We Are

Merredin Uniting Church meets every Sunday morning at 9.00am in our church building on Fifth Street Merredin. During our church Service we have a time of Praise & Worship, Prayer, Teaching from the Bible, we share Holy Communion (once a month) and have a time of Fellowship afterwards over Morning Tea.

At the Merredin Church we also have a number of meetings during the week. These allow people to get to know each other, study the Bible, pray together, make friends and encourage and support each other. If you are interested in finding out some more information about these groups you can find our contact details on our contact page.

Our Vision

Living the Gospel to radiate the love of Jesus Christ.

Our Links

Merredin Uniting Church is part of the Uniting Church in Australia, which has both state and national offices. The Church in Merredin is also part of the wider Eastern Wheatbelt Parish which includes churches in Southern Cross and Mukinbudin.

About the Uniting Church in Australia

The Uniting Church in Australia was inaugurated on 22 June, 1977. It was a union of three churches which had been in Australia for nearly two centuries. These churches were:

  • the Congregational Union of Australia
  • the Methodist Church of Australasia
  • the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

The Uniting Church is the fifth largest Christian denomination in Australia. It has around 2,800 Congregations, 51 Presbyteries and seven Synods. Uniting Church members number 300,000 while 1.3 million Australians claim an association.

The Uniting Church has 48 schools, ranging from long-established schools with large enrolments to small recently established low-fee schools. There are also more than 20,000 people employed by the church in community services work, particularly in aged care, Lifeline, hospitals, nursing, family support services, youth services, and care for the homeless.

What We Believe

The Uniting Church confidently believes that through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God brings us into right relationship with God, whereby in faith we can:

  • live in a close, loving, personal, dynamic relationship with the living God
  • participate in the worshipping, caring and serving community of Christians
  • receive God’s gifts so that life can be what God means it to be – loving, purposeful, joyful, eternal
  • tell others of this good news and live it out in acts of compassion, service and justice in the community.

More Information

For more information about the Uniting Church you can visit the WA website here or the National website here.

For more information about the Merredin Uniting Church please feel free to contact us via the details on our contacts page.

We would love to have you come and visit with us this Sunday morning at 9.00am.

All are welcome!